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Why Choose Our Flat-Fee Legal Services and Self-Representation Assistance?

Problem with existing legal help: 

Hiring an attorney for full representation is expensive. A typical attorney will require an upfront retainer or deposit for their services, which is normally anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000. In addition, they will require you to pay monthly fees for their services. With the rising cost of living in the bay area, it's almost impossible to afford the legal help you need without incurring any debt.

Also, help from legal document preparation service companies is limited because they are not licensed to practice law in the State of California. This means they cannot provide legal advice.

Help from the court system and other private legal aid organizations require that you meet strict and difficult income requirements and are only open for limited hours during the day, lack individualized attention, take on only certain types of cases, and you are forced to wait in line for hours to speak to someone on their staff to help you. This is primarily because there are thousands of people waiting for help just like you. This can be frustrating and can result in a waste of time for you if your case requires more attention or you do not meet their strict income requirements. 

How we can help: 

We understand your pain so we want to help you by making it affordable and easy for you to hire an experienced and accomplished team and attorney to support you with our flat fee legal services.

With the flat-fee or self-representation option, we take your case and break the whole process into smaller tasks. There may be tasks of your case you feel comfortable handling yourself( self-representation) and others you may want help from an attorney( flat-fee option). Examples of tasks you can do yourself may include filling out legal documents and tasks that may require the assistance of an attorney include court appearances and document review to name a few. 

Here are the benefits you immediately receive from us: 

Flat-Fee Benefits

  • No waiting in line or on the phone for hours to speak to an experienced attorney:

    • we offer a free phone consultation and within minutes we can setup your in-person consultation and start working on your case. 

  • No strict income requirements:

    • we help you regardless of how much you make. Our goal is to help you move forward in your life and make it easy to receive high quality and personal legal help you deserve

  • You only pay once: No Retainer Fees, No hourly fees, No monthly fees

  • Unlimited and Free Communication with our attorney:

    • we do not bill you for every second or minute we communicate with you whether it is through phone or email 

  • Save Money: 

    •  choose only the legal services you need 

  • Know Exactly How Much It all Costs Right Away:

    •  after your consultation, you will know exactly how much to pay without worrying about any future hidden costs

  • High quality legal expertise that is flexible and affordable:

    • you are free to choose the services you want us to handle. Our attorney and staff are bilingual and highly experienced and accomplished so we can provide the highest level of legal advice and representation you deserve. Click here to learn more about us 

What Happens During Your Consultation? 

During your consultation, our attorney will learn more about your case and will work with you to determine what tasks you can handle and what tasks you prefer we handle for you. Each task is assigned a flat-fee and will be presented to you so you can decide what is more affordable for you. 

Then, we start to work on your case. 



Flat-Fee Legal Services Provided

You can hire Ayar Law Offices for the limited purpose of any of the following:

  • Assist you in drafting your own pleadings and documents
  • Review documents and case files
  • Help you prepare to attend a hearing without an attorney
  • Appear in court for one hearing or one issue
  • Provide Legal Research



  • Petition for and/or Response to Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, Annulment, and Domestic Partnership
  • Uncontested Divorce 
  • Preliminary Disclosure Forms 
  • Motion for Request for Order 
  • Response to Request for Order 
  • Ex Parte Request for Order
  • Response to Ex Parte Request for Order 
  • Temporary Restraining Order 
  • Response to Temporary Restraining Order 
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Child Custody and Visitation Agreements
  • Modification of Existing Custody, Visitation, and Support Orders

Court Appearances for:

  • Request for Order (RFO)
  • Ex-Parte
  • Restraining Order Hearings



  • Naturalization Application 
  • U-Visa Application
  • U-Visa Derivative Application
  • Asylum Application 
  • Deferred Action (DACA) Application
  • FOIA Request

Attorney Appearance for: 

  • Naturalization Interview
  • Asylum Master Calendar and Individual Hearing